The Noise

Boston music magazine, The Noise, reviewed A Real Fine Day last December.
Here’s the review:

A Real Fine Day

10 tracks

How can I review a seasoned blues singer/ songwriter of the caliber of Mark Nomad—this man knows not only the genre, but he knows every which way within and through his guitar while playing blues (he’s especially noted for his masterful slide guitar playing). Mark Nomad is new to me, so I can share that my experience with his release A Real Fine Day was real fine indeed. With the foundation of blues, we’ve got a whole lot more going on above. There’s the undeniable ’70s funk in “Squeeze Me In”—a song that also highlights Mark’s soulful voice (the essence of this track reminded me of Blood, Sweat & Tears). The slower feel of “My Mind Gets To Wanderin” showcases his talent for having his guitar act as another voice in the songwriting. “No Place To Go” is a purely superb real-deal blues. And my absolute favorite of all is the last track, “A Real Fine Day”—instantly loved this from the first couple of notes… swampy and psychedelic at the same time—I could listen to it over and over again! There were a couple of tracks that felt a bit too long or repetitive, but I understand that’s the blues. Otherwise, this recording was a winner. Goes without saying this man is a talent. (Debbie Catalano)