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Rocking in Times Square 7/20/17!

TSq Marquee

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#9 Included in Metronome’s Top Picks of 2016

I’m honored that #9 made it onto another Best of List for 2016! This time, it was included in the venerable Boston area magazine, Metronome, in their Top Picks of 2016.

Many thanks to Brian Owens for his tireless support of music for over 30 years!


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I’m very honored to be included in the list of 10 best albums in Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Report! Special thanks to all the musicians who contributed to this record and to Matheson Kamin for his tireless support of Rock & Roll!

Matheson Kamin’s Best Releases for 2016

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Blues Blast Review of #9

Here’s an excerpt of Rainey Wetnight’s review of #9:

“Clever, original blues songs are almost-subliminally concealed in the middle of several postmodern rockers and ballads – like the “31”in the middle of the “BR.” On the CD, there’s something to appeal to almost every demographic of a mass audience, like the 31 flavors offered inside each Baskin Robbins store. There’s hard rock, soft rock, an instrumental, an esoteric opener, and (of course) the blues.”

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Blues Music Magazine review of #9

Here are a few lines from Blues Music Magazine’s review of #9: “…resplendant in tone, vibe and beauty…#9 is an album of significant stature…Again, Nomad does what he does best, displaying his blistering prowess on electric slide guitar, while unequivocally burning the song into your psyche.”
Thanks to Brian Owens for really hearing the record.
Happy Fourth to all!
BMM July '16

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BLUES MATTERS reviews #9!

BLUES MATTERS, the #1 blues magazine in England, summed up a fab review of #9 thusly:

“Nomad is a fine singer/songwriter and master slide guitarist and this excellent album should win him more accolades.”

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The Noise – Boston, MA

Here’s “The Noise” review of #9:


Blue Star Records


9 tracks

Opener “Shrine” is good standard early-70s blues-rock; “It’s Time” is a tough, inexorable slow-burner with a gritty acoustic ambiance and scorching harp. “Give Your Love 2 Me” is a mid-tempo mood-piece about romantic obsession. The rest ranges from the contemplative and lovely acoustic guitar piece (“Dadgad”) to a chooglin’, horn-slathered confection (“What’s a Man to Do”) to the Dust-My-Broom style cover (“Look Over Yonder’s Wall”). Bringing up the rear: the impressively elevated acoustic guitar theatrics of “My Clouds Have Denim Linings” – akin to a Zep number like “Tangerine” – as well as the frantic “Valley of Tears” and the alternatingly bluesy and ominous “We Gotta Live Together.” Solid. (Francis DiMenno)

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Stiff Finger Slide Holder

Want to grab yer slide during an impassioned performance and wonder where it is? Problem solved with Tim Blackney’s Practical Solutions: The Stiff-Finger Slide Holder. It attaches to your mic stand and is always within easy reach. Thanks Tim!


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The Song

I had the honor of returning to this venerable show after a few years since my first episode. It’s dedicated to songwriters and their craft, Thanks to Mary Wheelan and the staff at The Song for their continued support of songwriters everywhere!

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