BLUES MATTERS reviews #9!

BLUES MATTERS, the #1 blues magazine in England, summed up a fab review of #9 thusly:

“Nomad is a fine singer/songwriter and master slide guitarist and this excellent album should win him more accolades.”


The Noise – Boston, MA

Here’s “The Noise” review of #9:


Blue Star Records


9 tracks

Opener “Shrine” is good standard early-70s blues-rock; “It’s Time” is a tough, inexorable slow-burner with a gritty acoustic ambiance and scorching harp. “Give Your Love 2 Me” is a mid-tempo mood-piece about romantic obsession. The rest ranges from the contemplative and lovely acoustic guitar piece (“Dadgad”) to a chooglin’, horn-slathered confection (“What’s a Man to Do”) to the Dust-My-Broom style cover (“Look Over Yonder’s Wall”). Bringing up the rear: the impressively elevated acoustic guitar theatrics of “My Clouds Have Denim Linings” – akin to a Zep number like “Tangerine” – as well as the frantic “Valley of Tears” and the alternatingly bluesy and ominous “We Gotta Live Together.” Solid. (Francis DiMenno)