Bruce Iglauer

Received a nice letter today from Bruce Iglauer, owner of the legendary Alligator Records, about A Real Fine Day. Of “Squeeze Me In”, he said “good groove and I like the funky breakdown… I like the attitude”
He really liked the solo acoustic song “My Mind Gets To Wanderin”. Regarding my original instrumental, “The Friz”, he said, “fun instrumental with nods to Freddie King, Lonnie Mack and maybe Roy Buchanan. Made me smile! And then some wild slide too. Nicely done.” Of “Mellow Down Easy”, he said “Nicely laid back version.”
About my cover of Howlin’ Wolf’s “No Place To Go”, “not easy to cover Wolf. Nice dirty guitar tone and I’m thankful that you didn’t try for Wolf’s voice. I didn’t expect to enjoy this but I did. Very enjoyable gritty solo.” “Sun Worlds, Moon Worlds..” a “tasteful instrumental” and “A Real Fine Day” -“some sweet slide”.
Thanks Bruce. Coming from you, that means alot!